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Things I’m in Love With [March Week 1]

Hey, girl, hey!
I’ve decided to start posting a series in which I tell you in detail about Things I’m in Love With and why I love them. If you didn’t catch my first one here, please click and read. Those are things I’m still in love with, this list is just adding to that one.

for all the blushing babes out there ? (shop link in bio)

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Crop Tops
– I don’t know what has taken over me this season, but I am suddenly all about crop tops. I remember when they first came back in style about two years ago, and I was like “Honey, no.” because I was insecure and far more comfortable in my incredibly long, layered cami under my slightly shorter tee. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great look too, and I so rocked it. But recently, I’m feeling rather fantastic about my body, and hey! maybe I want to show off a little mid-drift every once in a while! Crop tops are just great basics that go with every pair of high-waisted bottoms I own (do I own any not high-waisted? I don’t think I do…). I just bought a ton from Forever21 for $6 a piece. Look for a haul coming soon!

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Little Mix
– Can I first just say that I’ve loved these girls for a while? Because they are amazing and beautiful and talented and I love them. That being said, my car doesn’t have a stereo, so last month, I picked up their Get Weird album on CD. Yes, they still make those. And girl, I jam SO hard in my car. Their pumped up songs are just as groovy as their slow jams. They’re vocals are absolutely amazing (that acapella track, The End, though!). I’d even go as far as to say they’re this generations version of the Spice Girls, and you know I love the Spice Girls. Seriously, check out Little Mix. These girls are the bomb dot com.
– Bralettes give me the same freedoms as a crop top, but they’re just a little saucier. And, recently feeling fabulous about my body, I think comfort is important. I’d much rather chuck on a lacy, elastic bralette than have to strap myself in for the long haul. Besides, freeing the nipple is back in. So let’s burn those bras, ladies, and go to the laid back and comfortable, yet sexy, attire! This one from Free People is my current favorite.

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Lou Teasdale
– Okay, just a warning, Lou Teasdale will forever be on my list of Things I’m in Love With. Hairdresser to One Direction and co-owner of Bleach London salon, she is my current obsession and style icon. I mean, look at her!!! She’s an absolute stunner. Recently, Lou and the crew at Bleach started a campaign called “Beauty School Dropout Academy”, where they trained a select few makeup artists to do some fabulous editorial hair and makeup looks. Lou inspires my fashion, beauty, and hair on a daily basis, and you should definitely check her out. Also, coming soon, I plan on creating a series of posts inspired by her editorial looks!

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My Diamond Necklace
So, as you know from my <last Things I’m in Love With post>, my boyfriend, Sean, is the world’s best gift giver. All of my Christmas and birthday presents from him this last year just went above and beyond, and use every single one of them on a daily basis. So when Valentine’s Day rolled around, the pressure was on to up my last favorites. And boy, did he! He  bought me this stunning, white gold diamond necklace. I’m absolutely in love with it. I want to wear it every single day. Plus, it makes me feel like an Elven queen. It’s just the most beautiful thing in the whole world, and I’m so lucky.
My New Website
-Okay, yes. This blog post is incredibly braggy. But I’m just so unbelievably excited to finally have my own website! And thank you all so much for your love and support! It means so so so much to me.
So, these were my favorite things for the beginning of March, look forward to many more things to come!
What are your favorite things this week? Any music I need to check out? Leave me a comment below!!!
Amanda Jean

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