Cozy’s First Trip to the Coast

Hello again!

Sean and I made our first coast trip of the year, and it just so happened to be Cozy’s first time at the coast! We stuck to the same route we went on last August, when he proposed. We stopped first in Newport and decided to take a little stroll through the Bay Front. Cosette was terrified by the hundreds of sea lions lined on the docks. Their cries were a little too much for her. So we packed up the car, stopped at Arctic Circle for lunch, and then sped off 20 minutes north to Lincoln City.

Lincoln City is one of our favorite beach spots. Right there at the D River Recreation site is a perfect little patch of beach to play on. We’ve flown kites there numerous times. We thought this would be the perfect spot for Cozy to play around, and she definitely had fun. We were worried she’d be nervous about the water, but she waded in waist deep, happy to be off her leash and playing with her parents. It was just about the cutest thing ever. Cozy is also a huge fan of rocks, and the rocks that lined the water front were far too exciting for her. It was great.

After having our fun in Lincoln City, we hopped back and the road and popped up another 22 miles north to Pacific City. This spot holds a special place in my heart. My grandma would take us there almost every summer growing up. I’ve spent hours climbing the sand dune there right next to the Pelican Brewery. And last August, this is the magical place where Sean proposed.

I think this visit was almost just as special. The somewhat cloudy and rainy day had brought out some sun when we stepped onto the white sandy beach. Cozy chased some more rocks and found a couple of sticks. Eventually, we meandered to the now-empty tide pools to spy on some large, red starfish. Other families played among us as we explored.

Beside the tide pools was this amazing cliff face made of sheer sandstone. The colors mixed with the late afternoon sun were a beautiful golden haze, and I couldn’t help but take a million photos of it. There was something about the way the sun hit it that made it absolutely magical for me.

After growing tired, we jumped in the car for the last time and headed home, making soft promises to the waves that we’d be back sooner than later to soak up the rays. I always get this magical feeling at the coast, this freedom I don’t experience anywhere else. I just want to sit and stare at the ocean and let it inspire me. It’s so vast and strong and beautiful.

So, that concludes my first trip to the coast this year, expect to see many more in this space. I also happened to film a lot of that day! If you’re interested, please keep a look out for my YouTube channel launching soon!

What are some of your favorite places to check out on the coast? Any hot spots I should hit up next time? Let me know.

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