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Using Ewan McGregor to Introduce my Passion Project

Hi, everyone!

I’m writing this in the late evening of St. Patrick’s Day, and although I’m incredibly passionate about my Irish heritage, this post is not about getting drunk and singing folk songs. (Though, look forward to next year. Mom and I have already agreed to spend St. Paddy’s in Dublin.) No, tonight’s post is about something a little closer to home.

Sean took me to see Beauty and the Beast tonight, and this post isn’t about that either (let me know if you’d like a full on review of the film, I found it phenomenal, but there were definitely bits worth discussing in depth). During Be Our Guest, something about watching Ewan McGregor’s sultry (yet terrible) French singing voice come out of a candlestick struck a chord with me. It lit a fire within me, if you will. Because, it got me thinking about Ewan’s life and work. Obviously, certain notes and flourishes brought me back to the cult-favorite Moulin Rouge, but I also found myself thinking about the amazing piece of art that is Trainspotting and its upcoming (long overdue) sequel.

For some reason, while the dishes were dancing and singing and flooding me with nostalgia, my brain was circling with Ewan McGregor’s amazing accomplishments and his general passions and zests for life. I thought about his motorcycle documentaries, and his road trip around the United States. And how he just follows his passions and dreams. He advocates for the rights and equality of all people. And he just seems like a genuinely fantastic human. And I just thought about how much I would love the opportunity to sit and discuss the Arts with him over tea.

I was thinking the same thing about Ed Sheeran yesterday (we all know my love for Ed by now). I watched a speech he gave about being a stuttering, awkward child, and how he fought through it through his art and that gave him the strength he needed to grow and become successful. And I would just love to pick his brain and ask him his opinions about the Arts and how they change people’s lives.

I mean, I’ve always been passionate about the arts and about following our dreams. I want to have an on-going and open discussion with the world about the Arts. Constantly, schools are losing funding for their arts programs. When I was in high school, our Latin class was defunded and taken away, and I remember the performing arts student being furious at the lack of respect of understanding of the arts. I remember telling the parents of my peers that I was planning on going to college for Musical Theatre, and 80% of people asked me what I was going to do as a real job. The Arts have always (and will always) mean so much to me, and be my biggest passion. And I want to pull the passions from other people and feed off of them and share them with the world.

So this was an awkward and ranting introduction to a series on my blog for the future. I plan on interviewing and chatting with all walks of people about the Arts and their passions and opinions. Family, friends, people I did plays with years ago and haven’t talked to since, hopefully it’ll open me up to people I idolize. I just want to spread the word, and I hope you will help me in my mission.

Let’s start the discussion now. What do you consider your “Art”? What is the one thing you are passionate about above all else? Please, please let me know. I’d love to hear.

And thank you, as always, for reading xo


Amanda Jean

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