My Happy Place: Maui

Maui is my happy place. What an unexpected match. The girl who thrives in dreary rain and fog has fallen for the land of warm beaches and colorful skies. The coastal town still calls for me, flashing me back fondly behind closed eyes in moments of much needed solace. Freckles forming on my sun-kissed cheeks, I can still feel the tropical breeze leave trails of salt through my hair and bring sand between my toes. Everything smells of coconut oil and passion, orange, guava, and rum. I can still taste the rum on my tongue, lulling me deeper and deeper into the unexpected love affair with this over-indulgent place. I can still hear the water crashing against rocks, only seeing silhouettes of reef and sea turtles lit by moon. It’s a place where my parents laughed and my brother sang and danced. I can be at peace with myself and the world of home dissolves, and all there is is laughing and singing and dancing and peace. It is a happy place, my happy place. Every day, I think of it, my unexpected love, and every day I plan my journey back.

What place do you harbor an unexpected attraction to?

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