2017 Goals

I’m back for another year, and another set of goals. This year, I’m not interested in looking back on last year, but instead ready to embrace every adventure that this year has to offer. I came into 2017 with a positive outlook on my life, embracing the happiness that comes with each day. I’ve started happy journaling the little positives in my days, and I’m making a conscious effort to replace every apology with gratitude. Here’s a little list of obtainable, yet meaningful goals for my adventure-packed year.

Make traveling a priority. I’ve always felt the pull of wanderlust, the desire to explore new and far off places. I spend hours a day watching travel vlogs, where people take jets to Paris for a night or a week in the Maldives, and I yearn to be there with my own camera in hand, documenting my happiness. Going to Maui last May, and road tripping home to Montana last July really had me excited for where else I can explore. My gears are already spinning with some exciting adventures in the works.

Spend more time with family and friends. As an introvert, I tend to feel happiest tucked under a blanket near my laptop. However, I also noticed that I’m incredibly happy around my closest family and friends. Having a girls’ night with my grandma, aunt, and cousin, is an occasion I always look forward to, and I’ll definitely be scheduling more of those soon. Also, I’m going to make a strong effort to have coffee with some of the amazing people I’ve met this year, who I haven’t made time for.

Pamper myself and embrace the lazy days. I am incredibly guilty of a lazy day, and I’m also incredibly guilty of making myself feel guilty about a good lazy day. With constant creativity and wanderlust bubbling up inside of me, I tend to beat myself up over any moment not spent writing or singing or jotting down ideas. I’ve come to realize that lazy days are the perfect way for me to unwind from the pressure of it all. This year, I’m going to embrace these little moments of self-love, and add to them with a facial here or a manicure there. Because why not!

Write more. A lot more. The past little while, I’ve found myself jotting character notes on sticky pads at work or daydreaming about Paris whilst drinking my morning coffee on my trek to work. I have all of these pent up ideas just begging for release, and its about time I take fingers to the keyboard again and write everything out. I’m sure my travels and lazy days will definitely provide the inspiration I need.

Take care of the little things. I could do with being better at the little things, cooking and cleaning, flossing my teeth, changing the oil in my car. This year, I’m making a pledge to take care of these things before they pile up.

Aside from this little list of goals for 2017, I have two very exciting life events to look forward to this year. Sean and I are getting married in July! And although the plans have been a little hectic, I couldn’t be more excited! Talk about spending time with family and friends! That’s the biggest adventure this year, by far. Life event number two is coming a little sooner… the last week of January, Sean and I are going to pick up our puppy! That’s right! I finally am getting a puppy, and I absolutely cannot wait!

2017 is going to be a different year, I can feel it. It feels good, tingly and exciting.

What are some of your goals for 2017?

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