Things I’m in Love With [April Week 4]

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Welcome to another week of Things I’m in Love With! If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post you can read it here! And if you did, thank you so much for all of your love and support! Without further ado, here are things I’ve been obsessing over this week!
The Biebs
More specifically, his song Love Yourself. It is my jaaaaaam. I get it stuck in my head all day every day, and I’ll just be bee-bopping around my house like “My momma don’t liiiiiiiike you, and she likes everyone…” It’s just such a jam. I’m about it. I’m all about the Biebs right now.
Okay, so last week I voiced my love for enamel pins, and this week it’s patches! Embroidered beautiful patches all over denim is really where it’s at! I even discussed DIYing my own patched denim with my friend!!! So if you’d like to see a post for that, let me know!
Rifle Paper Co.
Having put “writing and sending letters” on my Spring To-Do list, I’ve been determined to check it off my list, and I’ve been hunting around for adorable stationery! And although I’ve settled for some killer cards I found at the $1 section at Target, I’ve been drooling over everything Rifle Paper Company designs. Had I all the money in the world, I’d fill my house with their notebooks and cards. They’re so beautiful. (P.s.-Look for a “writing letters” post coming soon!)
Blue Hair
Not going to lie, I’m feeling a change. In January, I went platinum blonde which I’m absolutely in love with. I decided then and there that I was going to be a platinum blonde for the rest of my whole life. And then I realized how expensive that is, and I haven’t been able to touch up my roots in four months. But, while trying to save for a new haircut, I’ve been toying around with the idea of putting in a touch of blue. Because why not!? If I’m allowed to have colored hair at work, why not have colored hair!? I’m young! My hair bounces back pretty well! I might as well just go for it. Right? Right.
Well there’s my short list of things I’ve been in love with this week! Goodbye April, you were a blast! But I can’t wait for May! (My mom’s coming!!!! And we’re going to Hawaii!!!!!!!)
Do you think I should dye my hair? Let me know in the comments below!!!


Amanda Jean xo

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